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Are Aliens Real? And other odd spacy questions/answers.


Are Aliens Real? And other odd spacy questions/answers.

This blog is being written to explore the idea of aliens.

What is an alien?

Is there life on Mars?

What are signs of life and how in the world do we even determine if there was life on other planets?

Those are the more scientific things I want to approach with in this blog, however, I don’t want to bore myself to death thinking about aliens all the time so I’ll probably talk about how People are Aliens, how we alienate ourselves and how we can become human….even if being alien is more fun.

Is it necessary to humanize yourself if you are an alien?   (Coming soon….)

How does one become an alien?

We live in a world that loves drama and strange stories, so why not start a blog about aliens and America?

Is there really a governmental conspiracy that keeps aliens out of our lives?

So many questions!!!!

What about the space program in America?   Maybe it really does exist but the government doesn’t want us to know about it because someone got to close to figuring out that there are aliens.

Are they afraid we will hop on a Mars Limo and go someplace super cool and leave Earth behind?

Now THAT is a conspiracy theory.  What would be the damage if we found out there were aliens?

Wow!  We have a lot to discuss in this blog!

Why do we even want to know in the first place?  Would it benefit us to know if there were Extra Terrestrial Lifeforms?

So..let’s start with that so I don’t get too off track.

Do I think it would benefit our human race to know if there were aliens?

Yes and no.  Err…..I’m not sure!

If we think deep, we can argue that everyone is an alien and it is beneficial to know they exist and all about them because ultimately it helps us learn about ourselves.

If we are talking purely E.T., then we can still find the benefit in all that because it is a life form and life (as stated earlier) shares very similar characteristics.

Everyday children are being taught a very specific list of what determines if something is living or not.  What if aliens do exist and they break down that list…they defy it in every way?

It really shouldn’t matter if there are aliens that are “beyond life” because we should be focused and worried about the one life we have right here and right now…NOT on what other organisms are doing.

One thing I know about living and competition is survivors do not focus on what the others are doing, they focus on THEM.  Their own survival.  They don’t have luxuries, like spas, massages or car service.   It makes sense not to waste energy on figuring out what someone or something else is doing in this game of “life” but it makes much more sense to excel at your own life.

(All this reminds me of a theory I have about how we are essentially all cells (Earth is a Cell) of a higher being….and so it goes on and on and on…More about this later because it gets deep!)

So…Let’s end this with giving you a little intro to what humans call life:

Characteristics of LIFE:

  1. All things alive Grow and Develop (some of us grow too much…America’s obesity problem)
  1. All things alive Reproduce (my favorite!)
  1. All things alive have DNA (Do Aliens though? Who’s to say it’s not a different life molecule?)
  1. All living things are made of Cell(s). (What about viruses?)
    All living things use ENERGY (Thank you to the Sun!)

  1. All living things are able to adapt and evolve over time. (Whales to Land or Land to Whales?)
  1. All living things respond to their environment. (You can’t grow or reproduce if you don’t respond to some sort of signal.

So Are Aliens even alive?

Ocean vs Mars – No-Brainer


So you have probably heard about some initiative to get people to go to Mars.  Yep, they are looking for volunteers to take a one way trip to setup some sort of colony on Mars.

And guess what, over 200,000 idiots applied.  Are you kidding me?

Not only that, but some that applied are married with kids.  So how does that fly?  Ahh honey I am going to Mars never to return, are you ok with that?  Not going to happen.

Why is there such an interest to settle somewhere on Mars.  It’s not like we are running out of space on earth.

If there is a need to setup colonies somewhere why not look to the ocean.  The oceans cover over 70% of the earths surface.  Plenty of space there.

Lets look at the benefits of ocean vs Mars.

1. In both places you will need oxygen.  You can’;t manufacture it so you have to bring it with you.  How much oxygen can you bring on a trip to Mars?  It is a finite amount and its not like you can get more shipped to you overnight.  But with the ocean you can get oxygen dropped to you whenever you need it.  Winner – ocean.

2. Water.  You obviously need that as well.  Same argument as above, except there are proven technologies to convert sea water to fresh water.  Winner – ocean.

3. What about food?  How are you going to grow food on Mars?  There are plants that grow naturally in the ocean.  Seaweed is an example of an edible plant.  Winner – ocean.

4. Personality conflicts. What happens if someone flips out on the trip to Mars or once they get there.  Mayhem that’s what.  If that happens on an ocean colony you can quickly get them out of there.  Winner – ocean.

5. Housing.  What are they planning on living in on Mars?  Space tents?  We already know how to build structures that can withstand the pressure of the depths of the ocean.  Plus with the ocean you have the option of living above or below the surface.  Winner – ocean.

6. Energy.  How many batteries would they need to survive on Mars?  Can you use solar power there?  Maybe, but it is way more weaker than what we get on earth.  Solar power here is improving all the time, getting much more cheaper and more efficient.   There is also option of using energy generate from the ocean itself.  Winner – ocean.

7. Medical issues are sure to occur.  Do you send some kind of Doctor Of Everything to Mars?  With the ocean you could either get a doctor there of get the patient to doctor easily.  Winner – ocean.

We could do this all day, but I think you get the point.  Which is, what is the point in colonizing Mars?  There IS NOT one.

If someone has that much money to waste on Mars, use it to help humanity on earth instead.  Amen.

Think About Putting A Man On The Moon

A man on the moon.  How did we do that?  It was 1969.   How did we even know a human could survive a trip that long?


Think about the challenges that were out there.  Russia was kicking our ass back then.  Computers?  What computers.  We had mainframes back then.   You sure couldn’t fit one on a spaceship.

What about communication?  Think about how many people had to be involved on this project, from all over the country.  I don’t think they had conference calling then.  And they sure didn’t have email either.  Try over nighting something to someone.  FedEx was on no on anyone’s radar.

So how did they do it.  When President Kennedy committed to it in 1961 do you think anybody believed it was possible, much less doable in 8 years.  Are you kidding me!

This was the ultimate example of a team effort.  They had to reinvent things on the fly.  This was something no one else had done so there was no blueprint.

If we had to do this today, do you think we could do it in 8 years.  With all the advanced technology we have available.  Probably not ….

You know why.  Today we over think everything.   We have to over test and deal with all the bs political agenda crap and regulations up the yin yang.  Everything today is overkill.  Look how much time and effort people put into just planning a wedding or vacation or family reunion or graduation.  I could go on and on. Nothing is simple anymore.

So now they are saying we are going to go to Mars.  Good luck with that!   Don’t hold your breath.

Next time you look at the moon though, give it some thought about what mankind can do when they really work together.

What if Earth was a Cell?


What if Earth was a cell of something much much larger of something we couldn’t even begin to understand?

I have this theory that it might be so.

Think about it.  We live in this thriving spherical thing called Earth.

If you’ve ever looked at a cell under the microscope, you can, at the very least, see where I can even come close to saying the Earth is a Cell.

But…it goes deeper than that.  What if the Earth was the nucleus of a much larger cell?  (That’s not a believable..but I could easily argue it)

Or perhaps Earth is just another organelle.  Just not the nucleus.

OR maybe the Earth is just a cell along with some other cells (the other planets and stars and the sun)  How can you explain the differences in each one?

Much like eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells differ, so do planets, suns and stars.  So why couldn’t Earth and the like be just a cell of a larger being?

What if that larger being is what everyone has been calling GOD for thousands and thousands of years (Please don’t judge…I’m just going on a mind bend right now).

So let’s assume the Earth is a nucleus.  Let’s start there.

Here are similarities.

1. The nucleus of a cell holds the blueprint of life.  DNA is housed in the nucleus and is protected. The Earth houses many diverse lifeforms (think of them as separate DNA codes in a sense) and it’s the only planet with “life” that we know of for a gazillion or more miles and then some.

2. The nucleus of a cell has a “core” called the nucleolus.  The Earth has a core called….uhmm…the core?  I’m not sure..but we have one!

3. The nucleus is just one of the organelles that is important in a system of cellular organization.  The EARTH is just one piece of the balanced solar system.

It can not be denied that the Earth and a nucleus have similarities…but how do I get to saying the Earth is a cell or a nucleus from that?

We have to look at the differences too…..but I have two little girls who are made of cells that my body literally made….and they are waiting for my love and attention.

More about the Earth as a part of a larger being in my next post!  :)